SRP $28.95 2.35:1 PCM 5.1 SONY

SONY has released "CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER," the latest action drama from the man who gave us "HERO" and "HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS." "CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER" is a much better film than both!  While the story is multi-layered, the narrative plot involving a selfish, barbaric ruler, his unfaithful but likeable, beautiful wife and a pending coup, taking place around a special event, is more accessible than the previous films.

Sure, it's hard to take seriously some of the acrobatics taking place while villains swing down like "Spiderman" from ropes, attacking the heroes on horseback, but the film moves along with such sweeping beauty and earnestness, it's easy to overlook minor flaws in reality.

SONY has provided a 1080p/MPEG-4 transfer with the correct 2.35:1 aspect ratio.  The colors are lush and detail is flawless throughout!!! This is one of the best blu-ray transfers available! There are so many visually striking moments throughout the film, it's hard to select one as an example, but any time we stopped to examine the image on still-frame, we were amazed!  The depth of the image and the intricate details found within the elaborate costumes, is just beautiful to watch!

SONY has provided a PCM 5.1 mix along with other mixes, but the PCM is the best, with an aggressive mix, plenty of surround/discrete effects and dynamic range that's seldom been achieved on other high-def releases thus far. The bass quality is outstanding!

SONY has provided the same extras found on the dvd.