PARAMOUNT'S release of "THE DAILY SHOW WITH JON STEWART: INDECISION 2004" offers eight episodes from the time-frame of the 2004 presidential election. One of the many great things about the show in general, and the episodes selected, specifically, is the fact that Stewart pulls no punches! He offers hilarious jabs at both Democrats and Republicans equally. Of course, because the Republican party takes themselves and their purported "values" more seriously, they offer more fuel for attacks. 

Anyone still not familiar with Stewart's with, really needs to at least rent this(if possible).  Some of the humor is brilliant!  The mock campaign films alone make this a boxed set worth owning!

As funny as Stewart is here, his sidekick, Colbert, is also hilarious!  His segment with the Dean campaign should have won an Emmy on its own! But, then again, what isn't hilarious here! Seriously, Al Sharpton, Zell Miller, and many more offer incredibly funny opportunities for viewers to grab their sides, while watching and (guaranteed) "re-watching" these segments!

The only flaw of this release, is related more to the show's format itself.  Because Stewart is on every day, and each show is so witty on its own, one can't help but feel disappointed that they're missing many more great episodes! It would certainly be cost-prohibitive to release "every" episode, but here's hoping that many more compilations become available soon!

PARAMOUNT has released this collection over three dvds. The 1.33:1 aspect ratio of the show is intact. Colors are consistent and the image is solid, although some grain is noticeable.  It's typically consistent in quality with the original cable airing.

PARAMOUNT has included a DOLBY DIGITAL Stereo mix.  It's unremarkable, but consistently free from distortion. There are no separation effects noticeable, other than when the theme is played.