SRP $69.95 1.33:1 MONO A&E

One of the best BBC series revolving around WW2, “DANGER UXB” has gotten a stellar release by A&E.

Originally aired in 1979, “DANGER UXB” focuses on Lt. Ash(Anthony Andrews) and the men he leads in the bomb disposal unit, the 97th Tunneling Company. Charged with defusing the numerous UXBs(Unexploded Bombs)of the German Blitzkrieg, there’s literally a strong chance of death behind every mission they face. We learn very quickly that differing from many other series, no character is safe from being killed, as is evident in the gripping, unpredictable episode, “THE PIER”.

Filled with nail-biting tension, the drama unfolds with a breathless pace.  The acting is all first-rate and the production values are even more impressive than many current BBC productions.  As good as the drama is, there’s also a lot of intriguing technical information revealed, as “new” methods of defusing these bombs are revealed, some quite good, some quite bad. 

A&E has presented this 13 episode series over four discs in a boxed set.  The original 1.33:1 image is intact.  Color quality varies from scene to scene, but this appears to be related to the original source material.  The colors are intentionally subdued for the most part to capture a gritty wartime atmosphere.  The detail is fine and sometimes quite good, especially in many of the darker scenes. Contrast is adequate and grain, while obtrusive in spots, is never able to distract the viewer enough to hurt the entertainment factor of this series.

A&E states this has a 2.0 "STEREO MIX" but, we could only detect a mono mix.  There were a few instances wherein fidelity was wanting, but overall, it’s an impressive mix. Dialogue is always intelligible and free from distortion.

A&E has provided some great extras. Along with the cast biographies, there’s a terrific episode from the History Channel’s “SUICIDE MISSIONS” series.