Anna Kournikova is one of the most popular sports figures of recent years, and LIONS GATE FILMS is certain to please her many fans with their releases of her behind-the-scenes “Calendar shoot” dvd, “A DATE WITH ANNA: THE MAKING OF THE ANNA KOURNIKOVA CALENDAR” 

Those thinking they’re going to see “raw” nudity, will be disappointed, but there’s plenty of footage with her running around her shoot in bathing suits and some “partially” revealing shots.  LIONS GATE has presented the feature in its correct full-frame image and stereo sound. 

The image is sharp. Colors are solid often vibrant.  The detail is also impressive, though not as sharp as on many of the similarly themed, “Sports Illustrated” dvd releases.  Fleshtones appear natural. 

The stereo mix offers some minor separation and fidelity is fine. Dialogue, while totally unimportant here, is intelligible and free from distortion.

LIONS GATE FILMS has also included some extras, including a slideshow as well as footage of the ecstatic winner from a “Meet Anna” promotion!