Death Proof DVD Cover Art

Whenever hearing Tarantino is directing anything new, it's easy for film lovers to get excited. "PULP FICTION" is one of the greatest films ever made! His script for "TRUE ROMANCE" is one of the finest scripts ever written. Sure, he's made mistakes here and there, "KILL BILL: VOLUME 2," but one can't help but hold out hope for more masterpieces from someone who's shown a level of genius rarely seen in cinema anymore.

The original idea for "GRINDHOUSE," was for Tarantino and Rodriguez to pair up and each shoot a roughly 90 minute film to be shown as a double feature, with made up trailers in between, creating a fun, cinematic homage to the kinds of fun films of the '70s, albeit, hopefully much better, that these two loved.

"DEATH PROOF" was shown after Rodriguez's "PLANET TERROR," and unfortunately, Rodriguez's film, while flawed, is still much, much better.  Kurt Russell is terrific as "Stuntman Mike," a guy that some pretty girls run into at a bar on a night on the town. He convinces a pretty girl he meets that he's a former stuntman and that he can give her a ride home. He tells her his car has been  modified to be "Death Proof." It can survive any type of collision. The catch is, it's only "Death Proof" for the driver. His passenger learns this before he intentionally runs into the car containing the girls he ran into at a bar, killing everyone in both cars but himself.

The story jumps ahead and a new pack of girls are out to find a special car for some special purpose. Of course, along the way, they run into "Stuntman Mike," and he has no idea, as neither do they, of what they're about to partake in. Seems like a potentially intriguing premise, and parts of the film are. However, even at its theatrical length, the film meanders on and on and on. The dialogue is heavy and rarely believable, coming from these girls. Now, there are some scenes that have been added, proving better(a lap dance scene for one), but overall, it's just made a too long film, even longer!

WEINSTEIN COMPANY has provided the correct 2.35:1 aspect ratio for this release, with 16:9 enhancement.  Tarantino intentionally created grain and scratches to give the film a "drive-in" presentation look. Still, it's a great looking image. Colors are solid, and detail is impressive, only more so during the 2nd half of the film. There are no artifacts and fleshtones look fine.

A Dolby Digital 5.1 mix is included.  While a dialogue-heavy film, surrounds kick in with great impact during most scenes at just the right moments. Dialogue, music and effects are perfectly balanced.

The first disc of the 2 disc set offers the film and some trailers. The 2nd disc offers numerous features, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.