Denis Leary has made an uneven transition from comedy standup to
film.  Some of his least commercial films were among his finest work,
eg. “THE REF” and “TWO IF BY SEA.” This reviewer still stands by “TWO
IF BY SEA” even though Leary himself hated it!	Leary has also
ventured more than once into television with the short-lived series,
“THE JOB” and now “RESCUE ME”.	However, its his standup routine
wherein he shines the most. PARAMOUNT has released “ROAST OF DENIS
LEARY UNCENSORED”. “UNCENSORED”  is a phrase that is used too easily
these days to hype dvd re-releases or special editions, suggesting
that there’s going to be some outrageous material, but seldom is it
provided. That isn’t the case here. “ROAST OF DENIS LEARY UNCENSORED”
is one of the foulest roasts ever imaginable. However, if one can
handle the constant profanity, it’s damned funny too!
Being a roast, seeing some of those participating, including
Christopher Walken and Gina Gershon, make this worthwhile alone!  
PARAMOUNT has presented this release with the proper full-frame
ratio.	Colors are solid and even rich at times.  Contrast is fine.
Fleshtones appear natural throughout.
PARAMOUNT has provided a stereo mix for this release. There’s not
much of a need for surround effects here, as the payoff is the clear
delivery of various jokes and insults. The sound is fine, with decent
fidelity. Dialogue is always intelligible and free from distortion.
PARAMOUNT has included some extras here, including a rebuttal from
Leary that’s far dirtier than what was originally aired, and far