The first production to come from the newly formed “Weinstein company”, “DERAILED”, has been released on HD-DVD.  Clive Owen stars as Charles, a seemingly devoted husband and father, working hard to provide for his family, which includes saving every dime possible so his young daughter suffering from complications of Diabetes type 1 and requiring a liver transplant.  When he encounters an attractive woman on a train(Jennifer Aniston) and is tempted to commit adultery, things go from bad to worse at breakneck speed.  Upon getting a hotel room together, the paramours are interrupted by a robber, before consummating their act. Aniston is raped and the mugger makes off with Charles’ license and more.  The robber(Vincent Cassel)begins blackmailing Charles for more and more money, inherently robbing the little girl of life-saving surgery money.  Charles decides to fight back, but he finds out he’s part of a more heinous plot than he originally thought.

The film has its ups and downs. Its basic set-up is intriguing and the first half of the film plays well. Unfortunately, the 2nd half of the film quickly deteriorates, leading up to an abrupt and unconvincing “surprise” ending.

THE WEINSTEIN COMPANY has provided a 1080p/MPEG-4 transfer with 2.35:1 aspect ratio.  While not a bad looking HD-DVD, it’s not that much sharper than the previously available dvd.  It’s a little sharper, allowing for more detail, particularly in the darkest scenes. But, then again, the film has mostly dark imagery throughout.  Colors are consistently restrained, lacking any hint of richness.  Although the detail is better than dvd, this HD-DVD lacks the overall depth to make it stand out as being a good example of “high definition”. 

A Dolby Digital 5.1 mix is included. Unlike the video transfer, this audio mix is terrific.  Surrounds are aggressive, without overpowering the scene at hand. Fidelity is terrific. Dialogue is always intelligible amidst layers of sound effects and music.

Deleted scenes, of which none deserved inclusion, are included. A featurette is also included with the theatrical trailer.