SRP $34.99 1.33:1 MONO DISNEY

Those lovable characters from "DUCKBURG" are here with the first of what we can only hope will be many more volumes to come from the great "DUCK TALES" series.  Originally aired in 1987. Children of all ages, and the "child" in us, will enjoy the likes of "Scrooge McDuck", his triplet nephews, "HUEY, DEWEY, and LOUIE" and more. 

Unlike many animated series, "DUCK TALES" never appears to skimp on its budget. Each 22 minute episode(without commercials) features multiple lavishly animated settings. But, more importantly, each episode stands on its own with terrific and freshly inspired writing. Jokes never feel old! This first season, especially, holds up with repeated viewings.

DISNEY has provided the original 1.33:1 (full-frame) aspect ratio for the series. The quality is fine, but not overly impressive. While much better than VHS, colors don't achieve the vibrant look, typically found on DISNEY releases. There are some minor artifacts, but none too intrusive. 

DISNEY has provided the original mono mix. While we're disappointed there's not a 2.0 stereo re-mix or even Dolby Digital 5.1, the show fares well on its own.