Dom Hemingway (Blu-ray), temporary cover art
SRP $27.99 2,35:1 DTS-HD MA 5.1 FOX

Right from the opening scene wherein we meet Dom Hemingway(Jude Law), as he gives a monologue to the viewer, it's obvious this film rides entirely on Law. The opening monologue, taking place within the prison Dom is incarcerated provides a glimpse of the dark humor of what's to follow. The dialogue works and Law proves apt in doing more than just carrying the film, he emboldens it to great heights. He did the same with another "talk to the viewer" film, the remake of "Alfie." While "Dom Hemingway" is no "Alfie," the central character is still one that viewers can't help but to end up caring about, even whilst many of the hard circumstances befalling him are due to his own making.

After being released from prison following the opening scene, Dom meets a major mobster, Mr. Fontaine(Demian Bechir). Fontaine's ability to enjoy his ill-gotten gains is largely due to Dom's silence during his past 12 years of imprisonment. A reward of non-stop sex with high-priced escorts and a trip to St. Tropez, where Fontaine resides, follows. Of course, Dom's inability to hold back his inhibitions brings about laughs and cringes in scene after scene. There's no question Fontaine can't stand Dom, but there is a question as to what those feelings will result in, especially since Dom is smitten with Fontaine's beautiful girlfriend.

There are some questionable side-steps within the film's narrative. Dom tries to rebuild a relationship with a daughter he never really knew(Emilia Clarke) and while she's quite good, these scenes still leave the viewer feeling there's more on the editing floor, or perhaps that this whole sequence should've been left as well.

There's a lot to like about "Dom Hemingway" and while it's far from perfect, the characters, acting, locations and other elements, make up for any shortfalls.

It's easy to recommend!

FOX has provided the correct 2.35:1 aspect ratio for this MPEG-4 AVC encoded 1080p blu-ray. Having been transferred from the digital source, colors are vibrant, and the various hues heighten the visual style without hindering it. Detail is outstanding. The location shots of St. Tropez are certain to bring new tourists! Contrast is excellent, offering deep blacks. Detail is never lost to shadow. A great high-def image!

FOX has provided a DTS-HD MA 5.1 mix. It's surprisingly immersive considering the dialogue-heavy nature of the film. Surrounds and discrete channels add great impact to many scenes, particularly a pivotal car crash. There are plenty of impressive, environmental effects. Music, dialogue and effects are flawlessly balanced throughout! A great mix!

Along with the theatrical trailer, a gallery, a loop of two naked women playing ping-pong(all of these in 1080p), a variety of featurettes are included. All are worth viewing, but the audio commentary with Director Richard Shephard, shouldn't be missed! It's insightful and entertaining from beginning to end.

Along with this blu-ray an UltraViolet code is included!