Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts BRAY Cover Art
SRP $29.99 1.78:1 DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 FOX

Originally started as a "Eddie Murphy" franchise, the "DR. DOLITTLE" series continues, with a straight-to-blu-ray/dvd release, "DR. DOLITTLE: MILLION DOLLAR MUTTS."  So, how does the fourth film, without Murphy, succeed? Surprisingly well! Kyla Pratt, reprises her role from the earlier "Murphy" films as the now "18" year old daughter, Maya Dolittle. Maya has graduated high school and is about to go away to college in two weeks. However, she's unhappy to find that Veterinary school will take her away from the kind of pet care she already knows, for seven long years! While walking her dog, she manages to rescue a kitten from a tree, using her skills in talking with animals, and soon enough gains attention from the media as well as from other personalities, hoping to use Maya for their own gain. Big things move rapidly for Maya, as she lands a tv show gig, and must decide whether to break a contract to go to college, amongst other grown-up decisions, all of which happen in a well-paced, silly, but undeniably warm-hearted, entertaining comedy.

The film moves at a steady pace, and while it's not the kind of family entertainment adults will want to revisit, the children watching it with this reviewer, have returned to it twice since its initial viewing, and there was plenty of laughter with each successive time.

FOX has provided the correct 1.78:1 aspect ratio for this 1080p blu-ray. Colors are consistently vibrant, although hues veer towards red tinting in several scenes. Blacks, while not inky, are deep enough to convey fine detail in the few dark scenes. Only a handful of scenes fall flat, with the majority offering impressive depth.

FOX continues their affinity for DTS-HD MASTER AUDIO 5.1 here, and while it's not an aggressive mix, ambient effects are more plentiful than on most comedy mixes. The majority of separation effects are front channel focused, although the score kicks in through all speakers in a robust, entertaining fashion, without overshadowing dialogue.

It's a fun, family film, and with a price that's comparable to the sleight of catalog blu-ray titles being released by most studios.