SRP $29.98 1.85:1(16:9) DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 FOX

Even bad Bertolucci is great when compared to most films. His latest,
“THE DREAMERS” isn’t “bad”, but it’s not among his best films either.
This in and of itself makes it highly worth seeing!  Set during the
month of May 1968, 3 film lovers find haven from the tempest brewing
around them, within the confines of an apartment. These three share in
brilliant discourse and testing the limits of sexual freedom, with
wild abandon, all the time knowing, that the events of the world,
just outside their apartment, are going to bring things to a crashing
halt in due time.

Bertolucci pays a great homage to film here. The main character,
Michael appears to have the sense of awe about filmmaking, evident in
Bertolucci himself!  Michael is a student in Paris, and when the film
institute he attends, is suddenly closed, he meets up with two other
film lovers, a twin brother and sister. Their love for film is what
first attracts them, but their love for life and their youthful naïve
belief they can change the world is what pushes them to extremes in
self-exploration. It’s a worthy trip for the audience as well.

FOX HOME ENTERTAINMENT has presented the film’s original 1.85:1
aspect ratio, with 16:9 enhancement.  Colors are solid, and often
vibrant.  Bertolucci’s films have always shared a remarkable
production design, and this is no different.  Contrast is flawless,
offering exquisite detail in darker scenes.  Fleshtones appear
natural throughout.

FOX HOME ENTERTAINMENT has included a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix for this
release. There are some surround moments, pushing the most out of the
musical soundtrack, but surround effects are minimal. As the film’s
setting is almost exclusively within an apartment, “big” atmosphere
moments aren’t sorely missed. There is some some effective separation
for the front soundstage with dialogue. Dialogue is always
intelligible and free from distortion.

FOX HOME ENTERTAINMENT has included some extras. A commentary track
with Bertolucci, the film’s writer and producer, is included.  It’s a
very intellectual commentary, with each recorded separately.
Entertaining and educational at the same time. More importantly,
some mini-featurettes are included, and they’re both great! A music
video from Bertolucci himself is also offered.

FOX is releasing two versions, an R rated version and an “NC-17”
version. We only got the chance to see the “NC-17” version, and none
of it really seemed to stretch the limits of sexuality, especially
when compared to what’s happening everyday on cable! Still, it’s
probably a bit more liberal with nudity than the “R” version.