Best Of Dr. Katz DVD Cover Art

For those unacquainted with the hilarious animated comedy series that ran on COMEDY CENTRAL, "DR. KATZ," a "BEST OF" collection is now available on dvd.

The stand-up comedian, Jonathan Katz, created this series, using unusual squiggly animation, focusing on him as a psychiatrist, lending therapy to a variety of patients, but it really served as a vehicle for various comedians to provide their best stand-up material, with visual story depictions, as they revealed their peculiar perspectives, under the guise of analysis.  Dr. Katz, also provided great comedy via interludes between him and his son, Ben, a lazy, but amiable character, enjoying the easy-troubled life, pretty much laying around the doctor's apartment, when not putting together "schemes" for making profit, such as his desire to become a "pig breeder" by purchasing a "single" pig, at the cost of "29.99" or make that "29...99....99" as the good doctor pointed out!

"THE BEST OF" offers 18 different comedian sessions with the likes of Denis Leary, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and more. 

As with previous dvd presentations for the series, this one offers windowboxing, with 1.66:1 aspect ratio and no 16:9 enhancement(for some strange reason!)

Colors are fine, but unremarkable. Nothing here to suggest that the image is better than what was offered on cable airings, but is on par with previous dvd presentations from the series.

A Dolby 2.0 mix is offered. The sound is problematic in spots, suffering from balance distortions. However, the majority of the mix is fine.

Four "DR KATZ REMEMBERS" episodes are offered, and these are actually better than the original shows!