DR. Katz, Professional Therapist: The Complete Series DVD Cover Art
SRP $129.98 1.33:1 Dolby 2.0 PARAMOUNT

PARAMOUNT has released the complete collection of "DR KATZ: PROFESSIONAL THERAPIST" in a boxed dvd set.  Having previously released the first two seasons of the Comedy Central animated series separately, those seasons are now compiled with seasons 3-6, and this boxed set is the only way to get these other seasons. Obviously, fans who already own the first two seasons will have to double-dip, but it's actually worth it. 

Dr Katz, is a stand-up comedian,  transferred to the role of therapist to a host of comedians in this series.  He's got a great "Bob Newhart" style of demeanor, making the straight-guy to crazy guest/patient/comedian of each episode that much more funny. 

Although some of the guest comedians are hit or miss, most offer hilarious moments, easily re-watchable.  But, there's also plenty of big laughs centered around his relationship with a dim-witted, amiable son, Ben. Other great relationships providing laughs are his secretary, Laura, and his friends, Julie and Stanley. As seasons roll on, non-comedian celebrities begin to sit on the couch, including David Duchovny and David Mamet, but none of these can hold a candle to what underrated comedian Dom Irrera causes to happen to everyone's sides.

The 13 dvds included here are presented within a great looking boxed set.

The style of animation may not appeal to everyone, but the image is well rendered in this transfer. Colors are solid, though never bright, keeping with the original cable presentation. There is some intrusive artifacting at times.

The Stereo mix is a typical comedy mix, with most sound directed towards the center channel.  A few separation effects appear, with creative flair.

Extras include audio commentaries, a live show with "DR. Katz" and some of the "live" comedians who've appeared on the show. Also, some lost episodes are offered.