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SRP $26.99 1.33:1 Stereo PARAMOUNT

Paramount has released "DR. KATZ: SEASON 2" on dvd.  As with the first season, "SEASON 2" centers around comedian Jonathan Katz, playing psychologist Dr. Katz, as he deals with patients, all of whom are comedians, as well as with his son, Ben.  The comedians, Sarah Silverman, Ray Romano, Gary Shandling, Dom Irrera and others, are hilarious, but also a matter of taste.  Their "revelations" to the therapist are where the comic gags are focused and just as many will appreciate this humor as dislike it.

The animation for "DR. KATZ" is also a matter of taste. It's intentionally imperfect, looking "squiggly" as opposed to clearly cut corners and lines. The effect is unusual, and in this reviewer's opinion, more documentary-like than most animated features.

PARAMOUNT has provided the full-frame aspect ratio of its television airings, but this, for one reason or other, leaves slight letterbox window. Colors appear bolder than in its original cable airing. It's a decent, but not imperfect image, with minor artifacting.

PARAMOUNT has provided a 2.0 Stereo mix. Not much in the way of separation here, just random effects, a phone ringing to one side,etc. But, most importantly, there is no distortion and the jokes are always perfectly intelligible.

PARAMOUNT has provided some great extras, including two dry but funny commentaries and some surprisingly lengthy follow-up patient calls.