SRP $79.95 1.33:1 STEREO A&E

Epitomizing the idea of “family” television, the entire first season of “DR. QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN,” is now available in a boxed dvd set, courtesy of A&E.

Few actresses have aged as beautifully as Jane Seymour, and while she’s never given a startling performance, her beauty and adequate acting ability have enhanced the romantic elements of such work as “SOMEWHERE IN TIME,” and this television series.  Each of the 16 episodes and pilot, included herein, make for extremely clean, syrupy family entertainment.  “DR.QUINN MEDICINE WOMAN” is extremely safe viewing, but that also means there’s virtually nothing daring about it either.
In the “Pilot” episode which premiered over ten years ago, we meet Michaela Quinn(Seymour) as a physician leaving Boston to aid the needy in the frontier of the Wild West.  We also meet her future romantic interest, Sully(Joe Lando) as well as get a hint of troubles to ensue in future episodes with the Indians and Calvary.  Some episodes are more entertaining than others, and for dramatic tension, and “some” limited believability, subjects relating to alcoholism, difficult brain surgery and other matters are subtly explored.

A&E has preserved the show’s original 1.33:1 aspect ratio.  While there is some minor grain during a few episodes, overall, the color quality is solid. The image is sharper than in its regular television airings, with a slick image, and excellent contrast.  Fleshtones appear natural.

A&E has provided a Dolby Digital Stereo mix for this release.  While this isn’t an aggressive mix, there is a fair share of separation in the front soundstage, and dialogue is always intelligible and free from distortion.
Being that this is an A&E production, the entire A&E biography of Ms. Seymour has been included, and it’s extremely entertaining.
An interactive extra allows the viewer to select various locations within the town and learn about the 1800s, in relation to making drinks, the Morse code, and other nostalgic elements.