BUENA VISTA/DISNEY has just released the beloved animated classic, "DUMBO" on blu-ray! Running just over one hour in length, this heart-warming tale feels perfect in every way imaginable. Not so short as to feel simple, and not too long as to feel labored, "DUMBO" makes for a wonderful hour of family viewing and is one of those special films that will be enjoyed by adults as much as it is by children.

While the story of "DUMBO," an elephant learning to grow up when separated from his mother, facing ridicule due to the size of his ears, and eventually embrace everything about him that distinguishes himself from the rest, it's bigger than all that at the same time. Any viewer at any age should be able to recognize something of their own challenges they've faced when watching the story unfold. Sure, it's simple in many ways, but the challenges of daily life for the adorable elephant and most human beings, are anything but!

While a running gag in Spielberg's "1941," had to do with Robert Stack as a seemingly tough-as-nails military commander, sobbing while viewing "DUMBO," it's easy to appreciate the gag, having finally seen "DUMBO." This tale brings about laughs, tears and every conceivable emotion in its audience. It's just that powerful!

The correct 1.33:1 aspect ratio has been presented with this AVC MPEG-4 1080p blu-ray release. Colors are beautifully rendered in this wholly restored image. While blacks are deep, preserving great detail in darker scenes, contrast feel perfect rather than manipulated in any manner. Although there isn't any of the grain one would typically expect from a film 70 years old, there aren't any signs of DNR! This restored classic is just flawless!

BUENA VISTA/DISNEY has provided a DTS-HD MA 7.1 mix. But, purists will also be happy that the original mono mix is also included. While the lossy mix offers terrific fidelity, surrounds haven't been unduly reconfigured. There are some ambient effects featured, but they are low-key, gently expanding the environment without making a big, unnatural sounding environment in the process. Music is presented with a nice sense of dynamic range, but it won't be mistaken for a modern mix, due to intentionally subdued fidelity. Dialogue is flawlessly rendered, and there's even a little bit of Bass upon occasion. The entire mix is delicately, well balanced, without any fireworks, but pleasing throughout.

A lot of extras are included in this blu-ray/dvd offering. While the original and re-release trailer for "DUMBO" are only offered in standard resolution, trailers for other DISNEY releases are all in HD.

Along with some short featurettes, there's a terrific documentary(HD), deleted scenes(HD) and picture-in-picture option, allowing for viewers to watch the film, and learn a great deal of info about the film's production. This blu-ray/dvd combo release is easy to "highly recommend" for every film lover's collection!