SRP $39.99 1.78:1 DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 BUENA VISTA

Comprised of footage that was either used or discarded from the popular BBC Documentary, "PLANET EARTH," BUENA VISTA has released the blu-ray, "EARTH." It's far more entertaining, and thus, able to educate the kids, while providing a great engaging home viewing experience for the entire family.  While the BBC series had an affinity to get sluggish over its extended duration, "EARTH" focuses like a laser beam on to the most compelling storylines, an Elephant herd, humpback whale and calf, and a Polar bear and her cubs.  All of these animals mount riveting plights for survival, and their stories are as inspiring as they are hypnotic!  "EARTH" is the kind of feature that parents might have to view first, in order to better explain or answer questions some younger kids are going to inevitably ask concerning life and death in the wild. And, if/when these issues are going to be raised, why not at least deal with them in regards to a "great" presentation, rather than the abundance of mediocre(ARCTIC TALE) ones out there.

There's just so much to love about "EARTH" it's hard to highlight any one area, fearing the overlooking of another, but it certainly helps to have the commanding presence of James Earl Jones as narrator.  Having seen so many nature films and feature films with live-action sequences devoted to wildlife perils, it's refreshing to find so many moments in "EARTH" wherein it's easy to be sitting at the edge of one's seat! 

BUENA VISTA has provided the correct 1.78:1 aspect ratio for this 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 blu-ray release.  Colors, as expected are incredibly vibrant throughout. The level of depth achieved in this release is close to monumental, making "EARTH" one of the best looking blu-ray releases of 2009!  This still holds true, even when some annoying artifacts pop up!  When, as with the great majority of footage, is at its best, few blu-rays compare in the color and depth achieve here!  Contrast is also outstanding, with deep, inky blacks for flawless detail in darker moments.

BUENA VISTA has provided a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix.  It's a powerful mix, showcasing the full potential of this format!!! Even with narration being such a prominent aspect of the film, an aggressive level of discrete, bass and music effects are perfectly balanced and used effectively, creating one of the most exhilarating audio experiences of 2009, on blu-ray!

Some great extras are offered, starting with a dvd presentation to compliment the blu-ray for anyone wanting to use it in a non-blu-ray room.(KIDS WILL EASILY WANT TO VIEW THIS ONE REPEATEDLY)

A documentary with behind-the-scenes footage is also offered, running over 40 minutes and in full HD, it looks great! It's also thoroughly captivating.

A picture-in-picture track option, offers viewers more reasons and plenty of extra info, during repeated viewings.