COLUMBIA TRISTAR has released the cult classic, “EATING RAOUL”. Writer/Director
Paul Bartel stars with his wife(Mary Woronov) in this dark comedy. The duo have
long been part of the “independent film” circuit, back when “independent” really
meant something. The two play a couple planning to open a little restaurant, and
believing they’ve found the perfect location, are stunned after having to kill a
guest in self-defense(sort of)after a a guest from a swinger’s party next to
them, attacks Mary. Circumstances and gallows humor help the duo embark on a
gross venture to fund their restaurant.  When a new business partner, named
Raoul, gets involved, things get even darker, leading to a result explaining the
film’s title.  The cast, including Ed Begley jr, and Eddie McClurg, are all

COLUMBIA TRISTAR has preserved the correct 1.85:1 aspect ratio with 16:9
enhancement.  The image is problematic, with excessive grain in many spots.
Colors are generally solid, though never vibrant. Still, this was a very
low-budget film, and this is the best condition we’ve managed to find the film
in, even when including its initial theatrical release! 

COLUMBIA TRISTAR has provided a Dolby Digital Stereo mix. This is basically a
monaural mix, with some separation for the score. Dialogue is always
intelligible and free from distortion.
Several trailers are included.