SRP $34.99 2.35:1 5.1(Uncompressed) BUENA VISTA

BUENA VISTA has released an ideal choice for their "BLU-RAY" debut with "EIGHT BELOW".  With a large part of the film taking place in Antarctica, with its jutting terrain, and surprisingly a great deal of other impressive landscapes, there's plenty here to test the visual quality of the format.

Inspired by a true story, Paul Walker plays a guide for researchers in the Antarctic.  When a sudden emergency causes him to evacuate from deep within the most hostile locations of their recent adventure, he is given no choice but to abandon the sled-team of dogs he's fallen in love with.  After almost a year away, the dogs must fend from themselves against all odds, and not always successfully, battling the elements, starvation, and other threats. Walker enlists the aid of others in an attempt to go back and rescue them.

Director Frank Marshall is no stranger to the themes here, as he previously helmed "ALIVE" about the Andes survivors.  While that film had its share of major problems, like this film, they both have plenty of gripping, startling moments as well, ultimately making it worth viewing, and it's worth repeated viewing too.

BUENA VISTA has preserved the film's 2.35:1 aspect ratio. The detail offered in this 1080p transfer is spectacular!  Colors and definition create a life-like three-dimensional look to the film in every single scene. It's just incredible to watch!  While there have been more than a fair share of lackluster quality BLU-RAY releases, "EIGHT BELOW" demonstrates just how incredible and breath-taking, a great transfer can be in this format, and it's what other releases should aspire to be! 

BUENA VISTA has provided a PCM 5.1 mix.  It's equally as dazzling as the imagery!  Throughout the film, there are many scenes, in which the most subtle sounds play a significant part as to what's happening.  The level of clarity, even within layers of effects, dialogue and music, is truly amazing.

A BLU-SCAPE short film, created especially for this release is included. BUENA VISTA has created this feature for "EIGHT BELOW" and "DINOSAUR" offering additional 1080p material. This particular short film offers more incredible imagery of the Antarctic landscape.

The audio commentary from the standard dvd has been carried over.