Hard core fans of Adam Sandler will probably enjoy "EIGHT CRAZY
NIGHTS", his animated comedy ode to Hannukah. 

The great Jon Lovitz and Rob Schneider also offer their voice talents
here, and while the story is predictable, it's surprisingly far
better than the theatrical trailer would lead one to expect. 

Davy Stone is an unhappy, crude adolescent, whom upon going too far
and having to go to jail, is offered a chance at redemption.  His old
basketball coach, Whitey, bails him out, under the condition he do
community service.

Of course, his half-hearted attempts at doing good, often fail with
gross/funny results, before we learn of what has led to Davey's poor
attitude and look at life.  Soon enough, a romantic subplot emerges,
and things turn around with a warm-hearted conclusion.

The best thing about the film are Sandler's comedic songs, given
ample display here.

COLUMBIA TRISTAR has provided both the 1.85:1(16:9 enhanced) image
and a full frame image. There are some digital artifacts, but
generally, the image is solid. Colors are rich and vibrant.

COLUMBIA TRISTAR has provided a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix. Surrounds are
utilized to boost the film's score, however, are mostly restrained
for the rest of the film. There are numerous directional effects
focused towards the front soundstage. Dialogue is always intelligible
and free from distortion.

COLUMBIA TRISTAR has provided numerous extras for this release,
making it a 2 disc presentation.

In spite of "TWO" audio commentaries, neither are
recommended! They're tedious and offer nothing worth retelling at
" A DAY WITH MEATBALL" is a short featurette about
Sandler's dog. Short(too short)but cute.

"CHANUKAH SONG PART 3" is a music video, originally aired
on Saturday Night Live. It's also funnier than Sandler's previous
"Chanukah" songs.

The 2nd disc is made up of numerous featurettes, ranging from very
short to over five minutes in duration. 
While some are mildly amusing, most are just promotional in nature
and nothing too exciting to recommend.

There is a deleted scenes segment, but all of the scenes were
rightfully cut.

An "HBO:FIRST LOOK" is actually worthwhile, and provides an
even-handed balance of promotional materials with interviews, making
it worth viewing.

COLUMBIA TRISTAR has provided a large number of trailers, all of
which are worth viewing.