Laser Disc Reviews

Elite Entertainment

52 Pickup-Dir.John Frankenheimer-1.85:1-Roy Scheider,Kelly Preston

Bellboy,The-Jerry Lewis

Cinderfella-Jerry Lewis

Challenge For Robin Hood

Devil Rides Out,The/Devil's Bride,The

Evil Dead 2:Special Collector's Edition-Dir.Sam Raimi-Audio Commentary

Frankenstein Created Woman

God Told Me To-Dir.Larry Cohen

Heartbreak Kid,The-Charles Grodin,Cybil Sheppard

Lost Continent,The

Manhunter:Special Edition-Dir.Michael Mann-2.35:1-JDC Scope

Mark of the Devil

Maximum Overdrive

Patsy,The-Jerry Lewis

Quartermass and the Pit:Five Million Years to Earth-Extras

Sleuth-Michael Caine,Laurence Olivier

Viking Queen,The

Wild at Heart-Extras