The second season of "ELLEN" marks a major improvement over the first for good reasons. First, it kept what worked in the first season, the supporting character of roommate, Adam(Arye Gross), and it introduces new characters. The best addition is Joely Fisher, as Ellen's old friend, Paige.  There are characters from the first season that are inexplicably gone, but it makes little difference. The 2nd season picks up with wittier writing and a fast pace. 

The 2nd season offers a better atmosphere for Ellen's type of humor in every manner. It is more accessible for the mass audiences without ever feeling it's been "dumbed" down.

As with other series popular at the same time, the "parents" play a more visible role this time out, and it actually works to the show's advantage. There are also plenty of big "guest stars" appearing throughout the season.

A&E has preserved the show's correct 1.33:1 aspect ratio.  While the first season looked fine, the 2nd season is noticeably improved.  There is still occasional grain, but for the most part, colors are more solid and detail is impressive. Fleshtones appear natural.

A&E has presented a Dolby Digital Stereo mix.  There is minor separation for the front soundstage, but this is a dialogue-driven show and it's always intelligible and free from distortion.