End of Days HDDVD Cover Art

One would expect a horror film written by the guy responsible for "AIR FORCE ONE" might have some innovative twists, hopefully transcending the genre. Unfortunately, there's little in "END OF DAYS" that's not predictable.  To begin with, even Schwarzenegger's character's name, Jericho, feels cartoonish. As good an actor as Gabriel Byrne, his portrayal as Satan, just never feels menacing as DeNiro managed to do in the vastly superior "ANGEL HEART". 

Another problem is director Peter Hyams. While his "STAR CHAMBER" was surprisingly entertaining, most of his other films are just stupid.  He can make an scene feel too long, and there are plenty of moments in "END OF DAYS" that feel like "DAYS!"

UNIVERSAL has provided a terrific transfer.  The 2.35:1 aspect ratio is intact. The film is intentionally dark so the deep blacks and grays come in handy throughout. Colors, while more vibrant than on standard dvd, still veer towards an orange hue. The detail varies from scene to scene, but is generally quite impressive, especially when considering the dark look of this film. In comparison to the standard dvd, the detail, color and contrast are a noticeable improvement.

UNIVERSAL has provided a DOLBY TrueHD Soundmix!  While this mix has some great directional effects and bass is used effectively during some key scenes, most of the film is front-heavy.  There is plenty of separation in the front stage, but surrounds are used sparingly, save for occasional effects and music.  It's an entertaining mix, but not what we'd expect from a film that UNIVERSAL selected for "TrueHD" above many others.

All of the extras from the standard dvd have been carried over.