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To this day, "ENTER THE DRAGON" still stands out as one of, if not the most, enjoyable martial-arts films of all time. While there have been countless martial-arts films made since 1973(and many before), special effects, budgets and camera technology have improved, but little makes a difference without the star attraction, and Bruce Lee definitely has a charisma that can't be duplicated.  Any Bruce Lee fan will thoroughly enjoy the presentation here.

The plot, seems extremely dated and predictable today, but it matters little because the film moves along at a great pace and the film's so well-directed and filled with such impressive production design, that it has an almost hypnotic hold over the audience. The cast is captivating as well, and even John Saxon's entertaining here, not an easy accomplishment!

While the most recent dvd release of "ENTER THE DRAGON" was extremely impressive in visual quality, the HD-DVD offers superior detail and color value in every scene. All previous dvd versions had some artifacts, and none are present in HD-DVD. The aspect ratio appears to be closer to 2:20 than 2.35:1.

WARNER BROS. has offered a DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS 5.1 mix and while still not as impressive as we'd hoped, it's better than any of the previous DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 mixes on dvd so far.  Surrounds aren't aggressive, but there are a few instances where they come to life. The fidelity is generally impressive and the score is great.

All of the extras from the most recent 2 disc Special Edition dvd are included as well as two new great documentaries.