The comic book heros, "THE FANTASTIC FOUR" were originally created for MARVEL, to compete with the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, a comic created by competing publisher, DC COMICS.  Creator Stan Lee, came up with an intriguing premise and characters that were not just interesting, but instantly likeable as well.  One of the innovative aspects of "THE FANTASTIC FOUR" was each character's ability to appreciate both the benefits and baggage of their super powers. And, in the end, there's a real sense of something more moving than mere camaraderie, ..a sense of "family."

"THE FANTASTIC FOUR" was first made into a cartoon series in the '60s. Its most recent adaptation was made in the 1990s, and is offered in entirety here.  The best episodes of the first season involve the Silver Surfer. Unfortunately, the other 11 episodes are mediocre at best, in both content and quality.

The second season, also included here, is superior enough over the first season, to actually make this set worth owning!  The entire show has been re-invented in every aspect. Each story is entertaining, well-written, and well produced!  The use of great co-star characters, including "THOR", "Daredevil" and more, make this season really exciting. 

A total of 26 episodes are offered over four discs. 

BUENA VISTA has presented the correct 1.33:1 aspect ratio. Colors are bright  and while there are some digital artifacts, the overall image is sharp.

BUENA VISTA has included a Dolby Digital Stereo mix.  The only separation effects are delegated to music. However, fidelity is fine and dialogue is always intelligible and free from distortion.