Father Knows Best - The Complete First Season DVD Cover Art



SHOUT FACTORY has released the first season of "FATHER KNOWS BEST" on dvd.  In spite of its' '50s stamp of Norman Rockwell-like atmosphere, in neighborhoods of well manicured lawns, and generally reserved kids, "FATHER KNOWS BEST" somehow manages to come across as sincere, and there's a certain subtext going on beneath its individual episodes, allowing one to genuinely feel they're watching a real family and not being sold!  Whether it's about Bud having to learn to dance for his first prom or something else, these various plotlines are enhanced with often funny dialogue and a sense of realism, all too rare in tv sitcoms of any time period!

SHOUT FACTORY has released the first season with the correct full-frame aspect ratio.  The black and white imagery is generally in fine shape, although contrast can vary in quality from episode to episode. The source material seems to have been kept in great condition, and overall, the image is far better than most other tv shows on dvd, from the same period.

SHOUT FACTORY has provided a Mono mix.  While dialogue is always intelligible, dynamic range is limited, as is evident from the opening music. Highs and lows are limited, but it's ultimately suitable, just not as impressive as we'd hoped for.

SHOUT FACTORY has included some great extras, including: home footage of Robert Young's family, interviews and a never before seen "great" episode, created for the Department of the Treasury, with Jim playing dictator of the family for a day!