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There’s not much about “FIREWALL” that we haven’t seen before, but this action/drama is made with such skill that it’s still highly entertaining.  Harrison Ford plays Jack Starfield, an exec at a banking institution, certain the “firewall” protecting his online services are unbreakable.  However, a really bad guy finds this isn’t the case and extorts him into breaking past the firewall in order to save his own family, whom has just been kidnapped.

The story moves at a breakneck pace, and while some aspects of the plot are predictable, it’s so engaging, one “almost” doesn’t care. 

WARNER BROS. has preserved the 2.35:1 aspect ratio for this HD-DVD release. The image is flawless!!! Detail such as raindrops, have seldom looked this impressive!  Colors are perfectly rendered and the blacks and grays are flawlessly delineated in every scene.  WARNER BROS. has released this film as a combo-pack, offering the standard dvd on the opposite side of the HD-DVD. The image to the standard dvd is impressive, although artifacts are obtrusive at times. The difference between the HD-DVD and standard dvd are obvious in every single scene. 

WARNER BROS. has provided a DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS 5.1 mix for the HD-DVD. While there are some fine separation effects for the front soundstage, rear effects are minimal. We also noticed some distortion at times on the HD-DVD, that were conspicuously absent on the standard dvd.  

An audio commentary and featurette are offered on the dvd side.