SRP $39.98 1.85:1 DTS HD Lossless Master Audio 5.1 FOX

In spite of all the undue acclaim that Director David Cronenberg has received, he's only made one really good film, "EASTERN PROMISES,"(in theaters now), and some of his earlier exploitation films(RABID)are better than "THE FLY," but this updated remake of the Vincent Price classic has its legions of fans.  Jeff Goldblum stars as Seth Brundle, a scientist who has created a tele-transportation device, he hopes will solve some of the problems facing humanity, but certainly to momentarily satisfy his huge ego as well. A semi-attractive journalist becomes interested in Seth's experiment, and soon enough in him. After a horrible error, Seth's body is transported with that of a fly, unknowingly present in the equipment at the time of the initiation, turning Seth into an evolving "Brundlefly."  It's easier to believe the science-fiction aspects of the plot than Goldblum as any sort of romantic interest. At his best moments, he's only "less annoying" than in other scenes. ECCH! And viewers thought the decomposing flesh of an arm in one scene was the grossest part of the movie???

FOX has provided the correct 1.85:1 aspect ratio for this release within the 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 transfer. While shadow detail and general depth are notably better than the most recent standard dvd presentation, much of the blu-ray appears flat in comparison to many superior FOX transfers.  Colors are solid, but fleshtones vary from perfect to dull, depending on any given scene. A decent transfer, but while notably better than the dvd, not a blu-ray transfer that stands out in video quality.

FOX has provided a DTS HD Lossless Master Audio 5.1 mix.  It's a disappointing mix for several reasons. To begin with, surround involvement is minimal, serving almost entirely to enhance the music. Although this is a result of the original material, it's still a less than exciting aspect.  Dynamic range is wanting, and there was a low but noticeable distortion plaguing the track at various times throughout the film. This disturbance was noticeable on a 2nd blu-ray we purchased as well.

FOX has offered three "Blu-ray exclusives" here.  A trivia track, search content tool, and personal scene selection option are all fun to have.

Documentaries, deleted scenes and more, from the 2 disc collector's edition, have been carried over here as well.