The 4th season of the hit show, “FRIENDS” has made it to dvd.  Each season keeps getting continually better, and “SEASON FOUR” is no exception.  While the series’ individual characters are well fleshed out already, the fourth season allows for more individual storylines focusing on each character.

The episodes of Season Four include: The One with the Jellyfish, The One with the cat, The One with the Cuffs, The One with the Ballroom Dancing, The One with Joey's New Girlfriend, The One with the Dirty Girl, The One Where Chandler Crosses the Line, The One with Chandler in a Box, The One Where They're Going to Party, The One with the Girl from Poughkeepsie, The One with Phoebe's Uterus, The One with the Embryos, The One with Rachel's Crush, The One with Joey's Dirty Day, The One with All the Rugby, The One with the Fake Party, The One with the Free Porn, The One with Rachel's New Dress, The One with All the haste, The One with All the Wedding Dresses, The One with the Invitation, The One with the Worst Best Man Ever and The One with Ross's Wedding 1&2

As with previous seasons, the original full-frame aspect ratio is presented here.  The colors are solid, with excellent depth. Unlike many television series transferred to dvd, each episode appears noise and artifact-free!  There’s consistently great detail.  Contrast is also impressive, offering generally decent detail in darker scenes.

As with previous seasons, this one’s been remixed for Dolby Digital 5.0 surround.  While the front soundstage offers some separation effects, surrounds are used sparingly.  However, “FRIENDS” is a dialogue-driven show, so the lack of an aggressive mix doesn’t hurt it.  It is, however, a show that’s thoroughly complimented by the musical selections, and those are presented with outstanding fidelity.

WARNER BROS. has continued their offering of supplements within these boxed sets.  Three commentaries are provided here for three of the episodes.

An interactive map is also included, as is a featurette hosted by the man playing “Gunther”, the coffee shop manager in love with Rachel.