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Stanley Kubrick's "FULL METAL JACKET", has been previously available on HD-DVD and dvd, and managed to piss off film lovers due to its aspect ratio.  While it's been stated the director wanted the film presented in 1.33:1, this reviewer didn't have any problem with its "letterboxed" 1.78:1 presentation, in spite of some information being covered with a matte.  To be realistic, none of the dvd or High Def format presentations have come close to the quality of the actual film presentation anyway, so why the uproar over framing? While this reviewer loves letterboxing and would always opt for that version, if the film was great in theaters as it was shown, 1.33:1 (with only "slightly" more info) or 1.78:1 (with only "slightly" less info) is not a big difference!!!!

That said, this BLU-RAY transfer suffers from the same washed out look as the HD-DVD version.  The colors are often dull and grain is intrusive throughout the entire film. Any improvement in detail over the dvd, is completely negligible due to the mediocre look of the film. Better detail that's covered in grain just doesn't add up!

WARNER BROS. has provided a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix.  Surrounds are rarely used, but effective.  Although there's some separation in the front, this is a center-channel driven mix.  The incredible score adds greatly to the film's gripping, menacing atmosphere, and is well presented. A theatrical trailer is included.