SRP$29.98   1.85:1(16:9)   DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1    FOX  

While “kid’s” films that can be enjoyed by adults are becoming scarcer, (how dreadful was “CAT IN THE HAT”) it’s refreshing to find that “GARFIELD THE MOVIE” is as entertaining as it is.  Breckin Meyer, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Bill Murray’s voice star.  Meyer plays a guy love-stuck over a beautiful veterinarian(Hewitt). To win her over, he adopts a dog, Odie.  While Garfield(voiced by Murray) can’t stand Odie, he turns slightly
around, after Odie is kidnapped, leading the rescue efforts.

There are a lot of potentially funny ideas that are never realized, but there’s enough warmth and mild humor to bring a smile to adult viewers, whilst the children laugh hysterically.

The picture comes in both full and widescreen formats. Choose properly when the disc loads, because there is no way of changing your mind subsequently without re-loading the disc. The colors are extremely bright and vibrant, and there is no edge or grain. This is, then a very handsome-looking transfer, and easily outclasses the audio.

FOX has presented both full frame and 1.85:1 aspect ratios, with 16:9 enhancement on the same disc.  Colors are rich and vibrant and the detail is great throughout the film.  Contrast is also impressive with deep blacks and grays. Fleshtones appear natural throughout.

FOX has provided a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix. Unfortunately, surrounds are rarely used and the bass is virtually non-existent, lessening the oomph that would enhance the music. Dialogue is always intelligible and free
from distortion.

An audio commentary is provided that might interest a select number of aspiring filmmakers. It features the film’s director and producer, focusing on the technical aspects of the production.  A featurette for an
upcoming film, “ROBOTS” is featured along with trailers.