COLUMBIA TRISTAR has presented a nostalgic, yet unsettling collection
of  “GIDGET” films with their “GIDGET COLLECTION”.  Sandra Dee stars
in the title role. In “GIDGET”, there’s something offputting about
her attempts to make Moondoggie(James Darren)jealous by teasing the
older suitor, Kahoona(Cliff Robertson). Because Gidget is
intentionally made to look pre-adolescent, the inuendos are extremely
weird. Still, some may find the film worthwhile for its awkwardness
alone. There’s also some fun surf/beach oriented atmosphere as well.
In “GIDGET GOES HAWAIIAN”, Gidget(Deborah Walley) travels to Hawaii
and finds her interest in Moondoggie waning. This makes things harder
when he pops up, interrupting her potential freedom for a fling. 
“GIDGET GOES TO ROME” offers Cindy Carol in the title role.  With
Rome as the setting, the surfing aspect is awash. Instead, we get
plenty of stock footage(‘60s) of the city. 

Unfortunately, COLUMBIA TRISTAR has not provided examples of their
best transfer ability here.  “GIDGET” has been severely cropped,
losing a great deal of its 2.35:1 ratio for this full-frame
presentation!  Grain is also a real problem in many scenes. Colors
vary in quality as well.

None of the films look great. While colors are suitable, they’re
never extremely rich, and contrast is only adequate. The image
quality for all films is a real disappointment.
COLUMBIA TRISTAR has provided a mono mix. While never exceptional in
fidelity, there is virtually no distortion. Dialogue is intelligible.
Several trailers have been included.