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"GOODFELLAS" is one of those films that needs to be in every film lover's collection. It ranks up there with "THE GODFATHER" as one of the best mob films ever made.  Now, that it's available in "High Definition", is the image a major difference over the recently released dvd special edition?  Well,. there's not that much of a difference.  The colors are more dead on now, but the image still tends to be a bit too soft or dark, depending upon the scene. While Scorsese obviously wanted a gritty look, it's still a pleasure to find there's less grain in the HD-DVD than on standard dvd.  Also, the blacks are much deeper. There is an improvement, obviously, but it's not by leaps and bounds as some "HD-DVD" presentations have been.

WARNER BROS. has provide a DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS mix.  It's not an aggressive mix, however, the sound quality is improved upon over the Standard dvd, with more dynamic fidelity.  Much of the film plays monaural, but there are instances wherein the surround and side speakers kick in to boost a gunshot or music interlude. 

WARNER BROS. has carried over all of the extras from their special edition dvd, and the two commentaries offered here are outstanding!