COLUMBIA TRISTAR has released “GOOD TIMES: THE COMPLETE FOURTH SEASON”.  Longevity can be a blessing and a burden to a successful series.  The departure of lead actors can often sound the death knell of a show, but as the fourth season of “GOOD TIMES” demonstrates, a strong supporting cast and great writing can distract from otherwise great losses.  John Amos has been killed in an auto accident and while this season starts off more somber than the previous ones, Jimmie Walker’s acting abilities(J.J.) kick into high gear and soon enough, there are great laughs and while the tragedy is never forgotten, there’s room made for optimism and laughter.  Any cast that includes Esther Rolle has a lot going for it, but the fact that the writing, direction and overall concept of the show remained strong, all helped in making the fourth season one of the best.

COLUMBIA TRISTAR has presented the show’s 24 episodes over three discs. The image quality, as with previous seasons, varies in quality. The image is generally decent, but it’s never in stellar condition with rich detail. There are less instances of grain intruding than in previous seasons and that is an improvement.  Fleshtones vary in quality.

COLUMBIA TRISTAR has presented a monaural mix, which is also improved over previous seasons with less harshness.