Halloween BRAY Cover Art

We're excited to find that "STARZ HOME ENTERTAINMENT/ ANCHOR BAY has begun to release blu-ray titles!!! Anchor Bay has always had a niche in the dvd market, releasing some great stuff, that other studios somehow neglected. While "HALLOWEEN" has been made available in many incarnations over the years from this company, the Blu-ray offers

The pacing of "John Carpenter's Halloween" may be too slow for modern audiences(as "JAWS" may be too), but that still doesn't prevent it from being a great film.  The  debut of a very young Jamie Curtis, a fine performance from Donald Pleasance and the debut of Michael Meyers, is great fun at Halloween or any time! 

While many were fearful that this blu-ray would feature the horrible 2003 master, that tried to improve detail and clarity by affecting the color timing, ultimately hurting the effect of filters which Carpenter and director of Cinematography Dean Cundey intentionally sought. The blues of the evening were turned white! And, there were other similar color problems.

While much better than the Divimax version of 2003, it doesn't offer the superior color levels found in the director approved version. That said, this "blu-ray" does offer the best possible, compromise...Decent colors and incredible detail.  The majority of scenes depend on shadow, creepy atmosphere and "gotcha" effects, with things jumping out.  This blu-ray transfer (1080p/AVC MPEG-4 with 2.35:1 aspect ratio)offers the best depth of any video release thus far.  Scene after scene offers great depth and the grain that's present is necessary and effective for the intended gritty feel of this film, generally unmatched in the onslaught of horror films that have followed ever since its debut in 1978!

STAR/ANCHOR BAY has provided a PCM 5.1 mix, Dolby Digital 5.1 mix and original mono track. While the surround mixes really add great depth to the film, especially in regards to the great score. However, the dialogue sounds shrill at times. The mono mix offers the best reproduction in terms of clarity for dialogue.

There are some great extras here, including a running audio commentary with Carpenter and producer Debra Hill, a featurette, trailers and pop-up trivia!