Hank And Mike DVD Cover Art

The first twenty minutes of "HANK AND MIKE" are pretty darned funny! The plot, focusing on two guys fired from their "EASTER BUNNY" jobs and forced to find work and survive, offers some seemingly great potential. Most of their off-the-wall encounters are hilarious. However, there is so much wasted footage, that goes absolutely nowhere, and wasting of talent like Joe Mantegna, in a role that serves no purpose, it only annoys the viewer for what could've been!

The two lead actors also co-wrote the film, and it's amazing to see that although they have talent and on-screen chemistry, they're completely inept as recognizing when something doesn't work, it's silly to do more of it!  Case in point,...there's a musical sequence that's so side=splittingly (South Park-like) funny, it wouldn't have hurt to have more scenes akin to it! However, there are repeats of many other scenes that one-note jokes, and bad ones at that!

"HANK AND MIKE" is certain to win fans upon viewing it. This reviewer actually liked it more the 2nd time than the first! Still, while it's not a "bad" film, it's hard to recommend a film that has its best moments front-loaded, and few afterwards.

MAGNOLIA FILMS has provided the correct 1.85:1 aspect ratio for this release.  Colors veer toward the dull scale, and the image has an intentionally gritty(grainy)look. Detail is generally better than average. It's a decent transfer, capturing the intended look of the source material.

A Dolby Digital 5.1 mix is included.  Ambient effects are consistently impressive and even bass is utilized in many scenes. While not an aggressive mix, it's more immersive than typical comedy mixes, and even more impressive considering the film's modest budget.

MAGNOLIA has included loads of extras, and these are actually more entertaining than the film! Deleted scenes, as well as the original "HANK AND MIKE" short film are the best extras, but bloopers, featurettes and a commentary will impress many fans.