SRP $34.99 1.85:1(16:9) DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 BUENA VISTA



BUENA VISTA has released the huge "adolescent dragging parents to the theaters" hit, "HANNAH MONTANA AND MILEY CYRUS: BEST OF BOTH WORLDS TOUR" on dvd and blu-ray.  While adults will probably grow weary of this one pretty fast, at least it's clean, wholesome fun for the young girl fans, and there are moments here and there, with backstage footage, and setting up for the show, which give some insight into the "Hannah Montana" phenomenon.  Kenny Ortega, created and choreographed this, and, as with "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL," he knows what he's doing, especially judging from the youngsters thoroughly enjoying this title, over and over and over again!

BUENA VISTA has provided options in both formats for viewing in 2-d or "3-d" with the 4 sets of glasses included with each title.  Only the concert footage is in 3-d, so there are sporadic portions, wherein the glasses will be annoying, and kids will need to take them off, and wear and tear on these glasses are probably inevitable anyway.

The 3-d effects are mostly delegated to guitar picks and such being thrown into the crowd. However, the depth is even more impressive in these shots, and that's saying a lot, as the depth in both formats, is excellent.  The dvd(16:9 enhanced) looks very good, although grain is more noticeable than on the blu-ray. Darker scenes lack the inky blacks found on blu-ray, so those instances where the colorful stage design doesn't have an abundance of lighting, suffers from softness in comparison to the "always impressive" blu-ray! Colors are well saturated on both, but the blu-ray allows for notably deeper tones, as well as incredible depth in or out of 3-d mode.

BUENA VISTA has included options for  DTS Master Audio Lossless 7.1 and PCM 2.0 on blu-ray.  7.1! And, this mix makes the utmost of all speakers. It's really impressive to hear the full staging of sound as speakers bounce effects, audience screams, instruments, vocals, and the rest with great balance. It's a great mix, regardless of whether one's a fan of the songs or not! The PCM is also quite good, but lacks the full 360 degree environment.

The Dolby Digital 5.1 mix found on the dvd is good, but it's so less involving than the blu-ray mixes, that it really offers audience a fine example of how advanced blu-ray is, and how limited dvd mixes have become! Dynamic range of the dvd ranks up there with the best concert dvds, but it can't touch what's achieved on the DTS Master Audio mix.

Extras include bonus songs from the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus, as well as "short personal tour."