High Resolution DVD Cover art for Hannah Montana (TV Show)
SRP $19.98 1.33:1 Dolby Digital 2.0 BUENA VISTA

Miley Cyrus stars as Hannah Montana, the alter ego (and popstar)of Miley Stewart. While she keeps her identity secret to most people, her father(and manager) does his best to give her the normal life any kid living in Malibu deserves. Thanks to clever writing, decent acting from Cyrus and the supporting cast and an impressive budget, "HANNAH MONTANA" continues to offer fun, family entertainment, with a fair share of laughs.

Miley and her best friend, Lilly, find themselves in ridiculous situations, intentionally similar to the kinds of predicaments Lucy and Ethel often found themselves in. Even while much younger, these two actresses(Emily Osment plays Lilly)are quite good and funny. However, there is often too much time spent on Hannah's brother and his friend, both of who overact too much, and just aren't that funny.

"HANNAH MONTANA: KEEPING IT REAL" offers 4 episodes from season 2, and 1 from season 3. 

Episodes revolve around such predicaments as Miley falling for the son of a rich jerk, and pretending that she and her father are from an aristocratic New England family, trying to hide her Southern roots! Dwayne(the Rock)Johnson appears in the funniest episode of the bunch, here, "Don 't Stop Til You Get the Phone," from season 2, in which Miley's desire to get a phone her dad won't give her, causes her to stage an incident with paparazzi, to get the cash for the phone. Unfortunately, the photo reveals information that could give away her real identity.

The other episodes are good, however the first two stand out as the best and are funny for adults and children, more than the others.

BUENA VISTA has provided the correct 1.33:1 aspect ratio for this release.  The show has a great production design and colors are rich, without oversaturation. A few scenes veer towards softness, but in general, it's a fine image. Detail ranks up there with the best Disney tv shows on dvd. Contrast is impressive, with blacks that are deep enough to convey clarity in darker scenes.

BUENA VISTA has provided a Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo mix. There are more separation effects than we'd expected and dynamic range is great, boosting the score and making for a pleasant, although not "aggressive" mix.

A short featurette with a behind-the-scenes look, is offered.