ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT has released the impressive, even if low-budget thriller, “HATRED OF A MINUTE”. 

Michael Kallio wrote, directed and stars in this thriller. He plays Eric Seaver, an autopsy transcriber by day, serial killer by night!  “HATRED OF A MINUTE” is extremely effective in that it’s one of those films everyone can only hope isn’t seen by nutty aspiring killers.  While the film’s serial killer drives on into the night, we find that his next victim is lying trapped in the rear of his car.  He ends up talking to her, thus the audience, providing plenty of flashback information, meant to explain how he became the disturbed individual he is. 

While one can’t help but feel for the abuse he went through as a child(vividly described), it still does nothing to allow one empathy for him as the killer he has chosen to become.

Made for an extremely low-budget, Kallio does manage to pull off some intriguing scenes, and one wonders what he could achieve with a big budget and better script. 

ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT has preserved the film’s 1.66:1 aspect ratio, with 16:9 enhancement.  The image suffers from its original 16mm source, leaving extensive grain in most scenes.  Colors quality varies, but is never dull. Contrast is adequate, but darker scenes lack definition found in many typically superior ANCHOR BAY releases.

ANCHOR BAY has provided a Dolby Digital 2.0 mix.  There’s a surprising amount of surround sound and separation, although its fidelity is limited. Dialogue is intelligible, but suffers from minor distortion in a few sequences.

ANCHOR BAY has included some extras for this release. Two commentaries are offered, both with Kallio.  Bruce Campbell is featured on one, which offers a fun, engaging look at the films production as well as insight relating to independent filmmaking in general.

The 2nd commentary offers Kallio and the film’s sound designer.  It’s pretty dry, and only for aspiring filmmakers. 

A featurette, “HATING EVERY MINUTE: A DAY IN THE LIFE OF AN INDEPENDENT FILM” is a short compilation of “Behind-the-scenes” footage. 

ANCHOR BAY has also included the film’s trailer, deleted scenes(best left deleted!( and footage of (no kidding) its world premiere.