One of the great tv shows of the '70s, "HAWAII FIVE-O" has been released on dvd from PARAMOUNT! How big of a hit was this show? Well, it's been reported that there used to be an unprecedented number of aspiring applicants to the non-existent "HAWAII FIVE-O" police force!  Who wouldn't want to serve with characters as likeable as Steve McGarrett, Danny and the rest. While some of the episodes seem dated by today's standards(NO CGI EFFECTS here!) there are plenty of stories that hold up surprisingly well, even now!  Sure, Jack Lord's hair doesn't move a lot, and his acting is a bit stiff at times, but he's versatile when compared to Jack Webb! The exotic locations truly add to the show's fun and there are some bold steps taken in several storylines, especially when considering the period in which the show was made.

PARAMOUNT has provided the correct full-frame aspect ratio. It is close to FLAWLESS!!! For a show this old, it's surprising how brilliant and rich the image looks. Colors are vibrant throughout. There are no artifacts. A few minor instances of softness appear, but, for the most part, this image is GREAT!!! There are none of the time compression problems here affecting so many other tv series on dvd(ALF).

PARAMOUNT has provided a Dolby Digital Mono mix. While some would've loved a 5.1 remix. The fidelity for the mono mix is surprisingly quite impressive, especially when the great theme song starts up! Dialogue is always intelligible and free from distortion.