SRP $49.99 1.33:1 MONO PARAMOUNT

PARAMOUNT has released the third season of "HAWAII FIVE-O" and while the show feels extremely dated by "CSI" standards, the Hawaiian scenery, decent storylines, Jack Lord's hair and the fun camaraderie between McGarrett and his team, make the series entertaining. Season 3 has some of the best acting cameos of any season, including Martin Sheen, Anne Archer and more, as well as two great two-parters!

PARAMOUNT has provided the correct 1.33:1 aspect ratio here. Colors can vary in quality, from episode to episode and sometimes depending on the given scene. But, overall, it's a solid transfer, considering the show's age. Artifacts are minimal. Grain is never intrusive.

PARAMOUNT has provided a Mono mix. While one doesn't expect much from this kind of mix, the limits of fidelity are too apparent in more than  a few instances.