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$34.98 LD91280 C/S/D UPC 013023553064 1.33:1 90 Min HBO/PIONEER DOLBY SURROUND

Finally, some of the HBO horror series, "Tales From the Crypt" have been released on laser.  Even more fortunate is the fact that perhaps the best episode, "And All Through The House" is available as part of this three episode laser titled "The Robert Zemeckis Collection".  While the other two episodes are good, they're not outstanding.  "All Through The House" is a remake of an episode that was actually featured in the "Tales From the Crypt" film starring Joan Collins.  This time out, Zemeckis' wife plays the role, and she's terrific!  The story deals with a wife whom has just murdered her husband on Christmas Eve.  She tries to hide the body while her daughter is upstairs asleep, and an escaped murderer from the mental hospital is on the loose.  There are numerous thrills up to the last bone-chilling seconds!  The picture quality is excellent with perfect fleshtones and contrast.  The Dolby Surround sound offers some great moments as well.  "Yellow" stars father and son Kirk and Eric Douglas as father and son in a WW1 drama that pits Kirk's character of General having to make a rash decision in disciplining his cowardly son.  "You Murderer" features John Lithgow, Isabella Rossellini and Bogart himself in a supernatural take on the film-noir classics incorporating the same visual effects Zemeckis made famous in "Forrest Gump".



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$29.98 LD91470 C/S/D UPC 013023550568 1.33:1 95 Min HBO DOLBY SURROUND

HBO has been making interesting films dealing with unusual biographies for a while now.   "Breast Men", a comedy following the true founders of "breast implants" has its fine moments.  Unfortunately, David Schwimmer, the lead, is hard to stomach after a while. His truly horrific demise into a hellish existence by the end of  his career, evokes little sympathy due to the fact that the make-up effects are unintenionally hilarious in trying to age Schimmer's character. 

The transfer is fine with generally sharp looking fleshtones and contrast.  The Dolby Surround soundtrack is only basic fare.