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SRP $28.95 1.78:1 MONO WARNER BROS.

While this critic still favors John Wayne's performance in "THE QUIET MAN" as his best, his portrayal of Ethan Edwards, former confederate soldier and unapologetic racist. When his brother's two daughters are kidnapped by Indians, he heads out to find them. But, filled with so much hatred, there's always the question of whether he plans to kill them or rescue them, as he believes if things have gone too far while captive, they're better off dead!  Although it plays like a straight-forward western in many ways, it's more complex than one first expects. There are a number of important moral questions raised continuously throughout the film. While it's arguably not the masterpiece revisionist critics have labeled it, it's certainly one of the better westerns of the period in which it was made.

WARNER BROS has utilized a remastered print for this transfer. Originally shot in VistaVision, most of its composition is perfectly captured here.  It's often remarkable to take in. As old as this film is, the detail is nearly flawless!!! Colors are richer than on the dvd and although there is some minor grain, it's infrequent. After seeing such an older film look so incredible, there can really be no good excuse for more recent films to display the mediocre look they sometimes do.

WARNER BROS.  has provided a Dolby Digital Plus 1.0 mono mix. Unlike most monaural tracks, this one offers a clarity we haven't experienced before!  Without any bass, surrounds or separation, this mix still manages to be one of the most impressive of late. Perfect sound clarity!!!

WARNER BROS. has carried over all of the extras from its most recent "Collector's Edition" dvd plus three documentaries.