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Director Phil Joanau's concert film, "U2 RATTLE AND HUM" isn't the incredible concert-film homage that may U2 fans would've hoped. However, there are enough great song selections and impressive camera movement, to make it entertaining.

This HD-DVD has been generally panned by the majority of critics, however, while certainly not one of the better HD-DVDs available in terms of video quality, it's not bad either. It just doesn't demonstrate the detail quality one expects from the best HD-DVD has to offer.

Colors are vibrant during color scenes, and the black&white images making up the majority of the film, offer terrific detail and contrast. The blacks and grays are nearly flawless in their distinction.  There is an abundance of grain, that proves distracting in a few scenes.

PARAMOUNT has provided both a DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS 5.1 and DTS mix. Again, for some reason the DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS 5.1 mix is noticeably superior to the DTS mix.  Although surrounds are rarely utilized, this is a great mix!  The fidelity is great and the highs and lows are top notch! This is an impressive mix!!!!