SRP $39.99 1.78:1 DTS-HD MA 5.1 ANCHOR BAY/STARZ

Heavily influenced by the success of previous "SHREK" films, "HOODWINKED TOO!HOOD VS. EVIL" is now available on blu-ray3d from STARZ/ANCHOR BAY.  While the previous "HOODWINKED" was a mixed bag, due to uneven pacing, jokes that only occasionally worked and slightly above average animation, "HOODWINKED TOO" makes that one feel like "CITIZEN KANE" in comparison!

Having defeated "Boingo," Little Red Riding Hood, The Big Bad Wolf, Twitchy, and Granny are called to arms again, when a recipe for "Truffle,"(not kidding) has been stolen, and a mission to rescue Hansel and Gretel has gone wrong.  While some of the plot themes provide great potential, none are creatively realized!  Nothing about "HOODWINKED TOO" feels fresh. Instead, even younger audiences will likely be yawning before the film has reached the half-way mark.(at least, that's what happened with the 8-13 years olds viewing it with this reviewer and family)

The idea of mixing beloved storybook characters with modern-day, "MISSION IMPOSSIBLE"-like gadgetry really offers great potential. Unfortunately, one has to blame the director and writers for not doing nearly enough to take advantage of what's at hand.

ANCHOR BAY/STARZ has provided their first "Blu-ray3d" format release with "HOODWINKED TOO! HOOD VS. EVIL." How does it fare to other blu-ray3d releases? Well,'s a mixed bag. The quality of the transfer isn't in question. In fact, unlike many blu-ray3d releases, the blu-ray3d image doesn't look notably darker than the 2d blu-ray(also included). However, the "3d" effects are limited in their impact due to the creative limitations of the film's designers. Some scenes, such as a raid sequence, offers terrific sense of depth, and really heightens the "3d" impact in comparison to the 2d version. However, a general softness to the image in both blu-ray formats, limits the full potential of great depth overall. Colors are often vibrant, and contrast is typically great. The "3d" image is notably better than the 2d image, but it's not anywhere nearly as impactful as the "3d" of some superior releases, eg. "ULTIMATE WAVE TAHITI," and more.

A DTS-HD MA 5.1 mix is provided for both the 3d and 2d blu-ray format. For reasons that defy understanding, effects appear restrained just when their power needs to be amplified the most! Having tried the mix on multiple receivers, it's definitely a flaw in the creative design of the source material. Dialogue is always free of distortion and perfectly intelligible, but virtually every effect sequence has one reaching for the volume control to boost it up! It's an aggravation!

Extras offered with the blu-ray3d edition, include:

a blu-ray 2d presentation, DVD presentation, and Digital copy.

Featurettes(all standard resolution) releating to the voice casting, storyboards and production artwork, along with music videos, are also included.