One of the greatest "sports" films of all time, "HOOSIERS" has been released on blu-ray!  Virtually every sports film that followed it, owes much to "HOOSIERS," as it's one of those rare films(NORTH DALLAS 40,eg) wherein one doesn't have to understand the sport in the plot, to appreciate what's happening. The sport, winning/losing and much else are metaphors for the human condition. Although based on a true story, whatever dramatic license has been taken is well served as the characters and their plight make for one of the best films of all time, ...PERIOD!!! Gene Hackman stars as a high school coach really trying to make a difference in his athlete's lives, and not only on the court. He selects those that many would never have considered and he hires an assistant(Dennis Hopper's finest performance)with a serious alcoholism situation.  "HOOSIERS" is about everything that makes great drama and it never cheats in the way so many sports films of the past decade have done! It's brutally honest, gritty and ultimately inspiring, without being overly sentimental.

FOX/MGM has provided a 1080p/MPEG-2 transfer with the correct 1.85:1 aspect ratio. The quality of the transfer varies greatly throughout the film. Sometimes it's dead on perfect with color that pops off the screen! At other times, the image appears flat.  Blacks and grays never appear as deep as they need to be in darker scenes, and grain, while necessary in moments for a gritty feel, can feel abundant. There are also some noticeable artifacts. While an improvement over the recently released dvd, it's disappointing in terms of "high definition" potential.

FOX/MGM has provided a DTS-HD LOSSLESS 5.1 mix.  This isn't an aggressive mix and while dialogue is always intelligible, the scarcity of surrounds diminishes the impact to some of the more tense moments on the basketball court. The music is well complimented throughout.