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SRP $28.95 2.35:1 PCM 5.1 SONY

Not nearly the fan of "HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS" that most reviewers were, I'll have to admit that it seemed overrated to me upon my first viewing of it, on a Region 2 dvd, long before it was actually released in the states. However, there were definitely moments that blew me away.  One such scene revolved around a dancer in a brothel as drums were beat with incredible visual and aural flair.  Other than these types of scenes, of which there were several, the film felt slow, and the story needlessly confusing.

However, upon seeing a demonstration of the "BLU-RAY" version of this film in a local "BEST BUY" store, I felt compelled to purchase it. Thankfully, SONY furnished me with a review copy instead. 

As with all "BLU-RAY" titles, the image is presented in 1080p.  "HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS" is "half" outstanding in its image presentation.  Often, the colorful costumes are staggering to observe. The detail of the fabric has never been so fully realized before on "BLU-RAY", however this is also one of the "first" BLU-RAY titles, so we expect the quality to improve even more in the near future.  Colors are so incredibly realized and contrast so solid, that it's equally disappointing to find that a sizeable portion of the transfer suffers from compression problems.  Detail varies greatly in this presentation, half of it being "outstanding" and half appearing "dvd"-like in quality.

SONY has presented several mixes on this release.  A PCM 5.1 mix offers incredible detail in scene after scene.  While the Dolby Digital 5.1 mixes, offered in English, French and Spanish, are as good as dvd, the PCM blows these mixes away, and demonstrates what BLU-RAY is capable of with other great releases!