SRP $39.99 1.85:1 DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 FOX

While not as captivating as the first two "ICE AGE" films, at least "ICE AGE 3: DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS" isn't horrible like the "third entry of the Shrek films."  Manny and Ellie are awaiting the arrival of their baby Mammoth, and Sid, wanting family of his own, he decides to snatch three eggs he's found in a cave. Unfortunately, they're dinosaur eggs, and the mother T-Rex gets them back, capturing Sid as well. Of course, it's up to Manny and the rest to go after him and save him. Thankfully, the same great character voices from the previous films are still intact, and a new character, Buck the weasel(Simon Pegg), is hilarious!

There are some head-scratching moments, but not really dull ones, and the animation is top-notch, and the script pretty funny. The third time at bat makes it pretty hard to keep up with the 1st time,(remember "GODFATHER 3!), but "ICE AGE 3: DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS" should please the entire family, much as the earlier ones accomplished, and just in time for the holidays.

FOX has provided the correct 1.85:1 aspect ratio for this 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 blu-ray and 16:9 enhanced dvd.  Colors are bold and striking in every scene! Pushed to extremes, without ever succumbing to an oversaturated look, this blu-ray image is reference quality! The dvd offers rich colors and fine detail, but pales in comparison to the blu-ray in every scene comparison.  As good as the previous "ICE AGE" blu-ray transfers were, "ICE AGE 3: DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS" looks even better!

FOX has included a DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 mix for this release. While the 7.1 suggests an aggressive mix, surrounds lack the punch and activity we'd hoped for.  There are some fun, creative ambient effects, but there are many 5.1 mixes which are more aggressive than what's offered here.  The dvd's dolby digital mix is generally on par, in terms of immersion, with the lossy mix, however the blu-ray offers notably better dynamic range and deeper bass.

Plenty of extras are provided, with all but deleted scenes, Scrat, and Fox Movie Channel featurettes, presented in HD. The audio commentary is a bore, and not one cast member is on hand!

A featurette about the creation of Scrat, is surprisingly engaging, albeit short.

The best extra,...two shorts built around Scrat, running a total of about 12 minutes.  Presented in HD, they're hilarious and extremely creative, without a single bit of dialogue being necessary!