SRP $69.99 1.33:1 MONO  PARAMOUNT

PARAMOUNT has released the 2nd season of “I LOVE LUCY”.  Lots of surprises are to be revealed in this season, let alone, Lucy’s pregnancy.  The writers ingeniously worked her pregnancy into some of the funniest, most memorable episodes of television history. 

In one unforgettable episode, “JOB SWITCHING”, the men and women switch jobs for an entire week. The antics that ensue are hilarious, including the side-splitting candy factory sequence! The premise was actually daring for its time. 

As great as the “JOB SWITCHING” episode is, there are many more unforgettable episodes in the 2nd season, making it one of, if not the best seasons from the series. There’s not a mediocre episode in the bunch, and the last one, “NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH FRIENDS” makes for one of the best season enders in television history.

Episodes include: Job Switching/The Saxophone/The Anniversary Present/The Handcuffs/The Operetta/Vacation From Marriage/The Courtroom/Redecorating/Ricky Loses His Voice/Lucy Is Enceinte/Pregnant Women Are Unpredictable/Lucy's Showbiz Swan Song/Lucy Hires an English Tutor/Ricky has Labor/Lucy Becomes a Sculptress
Lucy Goes to the Hospital/Sales Resistance/The Inferiority Complex/The Club/Election/The Black Eye/Lucy Changes Her Mind/No Children Allowed/Lucy Hires a Maid/The Indian Show/Lucy's Last Birthday/The Ricardos Change Apartments
Lucy Is Matchmaker/Lucy Wants New Furniture/The Camping Trip/Ricky and Fred are TV Fans/Never Do Business With Friends

PARAMOUNT has released 31 episodes on five discs, packaged in slim cases enclosed in a slipcase.

PARAMOUNT has presented a wonderful black&white transfer for this release.  The image is sharp, with excellent contrast and fine detail in every scene. Grain is minimal. 

PARAMOUNT has presented a 2 channel mix in monaural sound.  While there’s some minimal hiss in spots, it’s a fine presentation overall.  Fidelity is limited due to its age. Dialogue is always intelligible and free from distortion.

PARAMOUNT has included some great extras here.  In addition to guest cast biographies, there are the original openings, restoration demonstrations and more!