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It's always been hard to figure out how some really bad films ever get made. It's one thing when a film starts off with a good script and poor direction, budgeting affects what can be shot, and so on, but when the basic premise, and the entire script is crap,....the end result often leads to a film like "I LOVE YOU BETH COOPER." High School Valedictorian, Dennis Cooverman is giving his graduation speech to the graduating seniors, staff and family, when he begins to take an unusual path of words. Instead of a corny type of speech utilizing Cicero or some other great, ancient poet, and making a call for more volunteerism to the world, Dennis begins to speak directly to various students, all fitting various stereotypes, which he then tears apart. Perhaps caught up in his own fervor, Dennis also lets out that he's always loved popular cheerleader, Beth Cooper(Hayden Panettiere) This opening sequence is more uncomfortable than funny, and it never feels original. Still, it's the best part of the film! What follows is a horrible, dull, predictably tale as the completely opposite personalities of Dennis and Beth are displayed when she decides to drop by what Dennis suggests will be a great party, he's having later that night.  When she and her clique show up, her jock-mentality boyfriend is right behind with his friends, and the house is completely trashed. But no, it get's even funnier!!!  Adding insult to injury, a ridiculous attempt at characters going through an epiphany during the course of "one crazy night," makes a bad film even worse!

The basic type of humor attempted here is over-the-top, without any type of pay-off, as if doing things loud or big, in and of itself, deserves applause. "I LOVE YOU BETH COOPER" is not funny! Hayden Pannettiere may be decent in her role on the popular "HEROES" series(haven't seen it), but she's awful here, without any semblance of a personality. Maybe she's supposed to be shallow like a stereotypical cartoon of a cheerleader? But, she comes across more like a pod person from "INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS." And shallow is probably the best way to describe this film. There's no sense of anything really happening at any point in the film. It explores nothing and offers nothing. Too stupid for adults and most teen-agers, and too (needlessly) crude for youngsters, it's impossible to imagine what audience the filmmakers were making this crap for, perhaps proctologists? A complete waste of time.

FOX has provided the correct 1.85:1 aspect ratio for this 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 blu-ray release. At least this aspect of the film is worthwhile. "I LOVE YOU BETH COOPER" looks fantastic on blu-ray. Colors are vibrant throughout. Various hues are perfectly rendered in scene-after-scene. Inky blacks provide stunning detail in even darker moments. The detail is outstanding! In fact, so much so, that budget limitations are apparent during a few scenes.

FOX has provided a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix. For a film without depth, at least there's a lot of atmosphere in the soundtrack. Some predictable songs are featured with less predictable but equally appropriate ones, in a mix that's energetic and flawlessly rendered within the lossy mix. Surround effects aren't constant, but they're entertaining and immersive when used. Dialogue is perfectly rendered.

Extras include: an alternate ending that would've made a really bad film even worse(and longer), as well as deleted scenes(thank g-d, they were deleted, making for a shorter bad experience!), a cast profile and brief talk with the writer. All of these extras were in 1080p. A stupid song segment and reflections on the roles by the two lead actors are also offered, in standard resolution.